Cat photoGrowing up, I always had pets – cats, dogs, and various smaller animals as well. They were a very important part of my family and my life and I really missed having a pet when I went to college. I just feel happier when I have a cat purring in my lap while I read, or a dog to go for a long walk with. I started pet sitting as a way to care for and spend time with animals because I couldn’t have pets of my own and it ended up being a good source of extra income as well. After a wonderful couple years finishing graduate school in Switzerland, I decided to move back to Los Angeles to continue my life here as a classical musician (click HERE for my music website with more info about me). Since I’m originally from California, I knew I would love living in this area again, so I started West LA Pet Sitting in the fall of 2013.

Your pet is not just an animal who lives with you, they are an important member of your family. They rely on you not only to feed them, but also to love them, care for them, play with them, and provide them with companionship. When you go away, it’s stressful for them because they don’t understand why you’re leaving them or when you’ll be back. If they can stay in their own home with a routine they’re used to, this period of separation can be much easier for them. I don’t just feed and walk them (in the case of dogs) – I provide them with companionship and a friend they can count on while you’re away. Nearly everyone I’ve pet sat for has subsequently hired me every time they go out of town and so their pet gets to know that when they see me, that means their owner is leaving, but it’s not so bad because at least they have another friendly and familiar human there to play with and who will care for them (and about them) while you’re gone. Just as you know your pet’s likes, dislikes, and funny quirks, I strive to get to know all of the pets I take care of as individuals. Usually, I get to know people’s pets even better than their owners! Animals have always trusted me very easily, even very skittish cats and territorial dogs, but I appreciate that it takes some animals longer to develop trust than others. Since my business is intentionally kept small, I can provide much more personal and individual service certainly than a kennel, but also larger petsitting businesses whose sitters sometimes care for many animals at once, or who may send a different person every time. Many people also feel more comfortable having someone stay in their home while they are away to pick up their mail, turn on lights, water plants, or be there in case of emergency.

As a fully licensed business in the County of Los Angeles, West LA Pet Sitting is insured and bonded by Pet Sitters Associates. Full details and proof of coverage is available on request. In short, I am experienced, professional, caring and trustworthy, and I hope that you will consider letting me care for your pets!