Most people seem happy to keep things simple and not feel like they’re getting nickel and dimed for a lot of extra things (medications, additional pets, key pick up, etc.), so I try to avoid extra charges unless necessary. The most important thing is to have good communication and a clear understanding of what your pet’s needs are so I can keep them happy and healthy until your return.
Short visits – $30
Perfect for dog walking, checking in on pets during the middle of the day when you have to work late, or a quick check on your home to feed fish, water plants, or pick up mail when you’re out of town.
Daily rate – $90
When you go out of town for more than a day and can’t take your pet with you, having a live-in pet sitter is the next best thing to keep their routine consistent and give you less to worry about! Includes an overnight stay plus 3 walks per day for your dog.

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